We aim to give all runners a reason to continue to race and enjoy the sport.

Our goal is for the majority of runners to finish each race within as a close a timeframe as possible.

Handicaps for long-standing members

  • In simplistic terms, the handicap is based on your best 5km race pace over your last 15 races that you have run.
    • For longer races above 5km, equivalent pace is adjusted according to accepted formulas.
    • It is assumed that over longer distances, slower runners experience a greater increase in their overall time compared to
      faster runners.
  • For the majority of long-standing members, the system sets your handicap over the past 15 races, with no input from us.
  • If your pace over your last 15 races has slowed compared to your handicap, your handicap is automatically flagged for review.

Winners penalties

  • Winners incur a penalty for 20 races, but if they continue to run well, they will still finish towards the front end of the field.
  • Small penalties are also applied for 2nd or 3rd place finishes.
  • If a member produces a performance faster than the range of possible improvement compared to recent races, by-Law 11 regarding marked improvement will be enforced by the handicappers and the protest co-ordinators.

Returning members

  • To be eligible to win a race, you need to have run with the club at least six times over the past 18 months.
    • This is so we have a accurate idea of your recent performances and fitness.

Handicaps for new runners

  • During the first six races, we are learning about your abilities, and your handicap will become more accurate over time.
    • Don’t be discouraged if you finish towards the end of the field, we will quickly adjust your handicap so you finish in the middle
      of the field.
  • Members become eligible to win after six races. The more races you do, the more likely you will be racing for a win.