Fit For Living 12600m Handicap

20170618_112601Another pleasant morning for running saw 88 athletes travel to the Wurdiboluc Reservoir for the Fit For Living 12.6 km handicap. Of the 88 starters, twelve opted for the 5 km consolation event.The calm conditions were a contrast to most of the previous races at the venue. In a close finish, Revolution Fitness Studio gym manager, Luke Haines, ran through the field strongly to score by 30 metres from the ultra consistent Dave Elward with Aaron Herbert less than 10 metres away third. It was second year runner Haines’ ninth race with the club. Kate Bramley and Ron Thomas were the fastest of their gender by large margins. Denise Elson was applauded for reaching her 200 run milestone.

Top 10 Placings

L. Haines, 48:23; D. Elward, 50:24; A. Herbert, 56:56; J. Curran, 51:04; G. Wrest, 59:24; K. Walker, 50:10; T. McRae, 51:25; J. Morton, 57:32; S. Andrews, 59:30; T. Harding, 63:59.

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: A. Fitzpatrick 93.57

Under 40 Male: A. Bird 48.12, D. Burns 49.36

Under 40  Female: K. Bramley 49.52, S. Livingston 52.25

Veteran Male: R. Thomas  45.21, M. Chalmers 47.23

Veteran Female: T. Dekleva 53.54, S. Andrews 59.30

Masters Male: P. Shay 51.41, C. Hatton 53.42

Masters Female: K. Hammond 70.11, M. Harrison 79.19

Legends Male : K. Walker 50.10, D. Elward 50.24

Legends Female: J. Morton 70.59, M. Henshaw 72.01

Supervets Male: D. Jennings 90.31

Supervets Female: M. Blood 88.32

Magic Money:G. Wrest

5 km Race: R. Meesen

Full Results

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