Pro Feet Podiatry Teams Race

Threatening skies overhead and a stiff westerly wind greeted the runners in the Pro Feet Podiatry teams race around Barwon Valley Park. The handicappers, with the help of the computer, allocated the 69 entrants into 23 teams of similar standing. Each runner had to complete the 4 km course. Whether to use your fastest team member first or last was the main topic of pre race discussion. It was the team of Cassie Moss, Lucy Pyle and Paul Carroll who triumphed by 30 metres over the team of Amy Van Braam, Kathryn Hayden and Stuart Crossfield.

Top 3 Results

1st – C. Moss, L. Pyle and P. Carroll, 2nd – S. Crossfield, A. Van Braam and K. Hayden, 3rd – D. Hurst, M. Gniel and J. Gordon

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: J. Gordon 14.15

Under 20 Female: K. Gleeson 16.00

Under 40 Male: A. Romaniw 13.23, J. Curran 14.44

Under 40  Female: K. Eisenhauer 15.44, C. Moss 17.59

Veteran Male: L. Haines 14.14, D. Blount 14.27

Veteran Female: M. Paull 18.53, K. Hayden 19.04

Masters Male: K. McNulty 15.37, P. Shay 15.50

Masters Female: C. Crawford 19.20, R. Little 22.00

Legends Male : D. Elward 16.05, R. Blue 16.17

Legends Female: P. Galvin 18.57, M.Henshaw 21.57

Supervets Male: J. Walker 19.08, M. Orelli 21.37

Supervets Female: M. Blood 26.43


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