Steigen 5000m Handicap

Steigen 5000m Handicap winner Leigh Orchard

A field of eighty-eight assembled for the Steigen 5 km sealed handicap along the bike paths from Belmont Park in almost perfect conditions. It was 16 year old Tom Hockley-Samon who sped away from his rivals to record a convincing win from Dan Wright and Daryl Burns. In the female section, Rachael Thompson won comfortably from Tracie Dekleva and Susan Howell, a dual gold medallist at the recent Victorian Masters titles. The handicappers applied the hidden handicaps and it was a very surprised second year runner, Leigh Orchard, who was adjudged the winner on handicap in his fourteenth race with the club. A further nine runners were awarded top ten placings but their finishing order was not disclosed.

Top 10 Placings

L. Orchard, 22:24; (followed in alphabetical order) G. Baensch, 26:56; D. Churkovich, 22:18; K. Jungling, 19:56; R. Little, 27:30; M. Long, 23:47; R. Meesen, 23:35; M. Orelli, 29:51; S. Pretty, 22:15; J. Weiler, 30:05.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: T. Hockley-Samon 17.14, J. Gordon 18.30.
  • Under 20 Female: J. McFarlane 23.22, H. Peart 28.31.
  • Under 40 Male: D. Burns 18.19, P. Posterino 18.31.
  • Under 40  Female: R. Thompson 20.17, K. Childs 22.50.
  • Veteran Male: D. Wright 17.59, L. Haines 18.25.
  • Veteran Female: T. Dekleva 21.27, A. Muscroft 22.26.
  • Masters Male: M. Clayton 18.49, T. Bentley 19.21.
  • Masters Female: S. Howell 21.28, R.Little 27.30.
  • Legends Male: K. Walker 20.10, D. Elward 20.45., 
  • Legends Female: M. Henshaw 28.54, J. Morton 30.08.
  • Supervets Male: J. Walker 24.56, M. Orelli 29.51.
  • Supervets Female: F. Barnett 32.49, M. Blood 37.12.


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