East Geelong Discount Drug Store 8000m Handicap

East Geelong Discount Drug Store 8000m Handicap winner Daryl Burns

Eighty-seven athletes gathered for the East Geelong Discount Drug Store 8 km handicap run in ideal conditions at Inverleigh on a course designed by the race sponsor, Phil Shay. Although there are some very tough sections, the course was widely acclaimed by all. It was hill specialist Daryl Burns who showed why he has won the King of the Mountains title twice by overtaking a gallant Michael Orelli in the run to the line with consistent placegetter, Mark Humphrey third. It was Burns’ seventh win in only his 80th club race, a rare feat in recent times. In addition, he was fastest overall whilst Susan Howell recorded her first ever fastest female time.

Top 10 Placings

D. Burns, 30:12; M.Orelli, 49:46; M. Humphrey, 35:54; D. Churkovich, 38:18; L. Orchard, 37:44; S. Pretty, 38:10; A. Jenkins, 38:12; A. McGrillen, 33:25; D. Wright, 31:13; G. Wrest, 37:32.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Female: H. Peart 48.18.
  • Under 40 Male: D. Burns 30.12, M. Minney 30.46.
  • Under 40  Female: C. Moss 37.37, M. Crawford 40.20.
  • Veteran Male: R. Thomas 30.16, D. Wright 31.13.
  • Veteran Female: S. Pedersen 37.38, S. Andrews 39.00.
  • Masters Male: T. Bentley 31.58, K. McNulty 35.11.
  • Masters Female: S. Howell 36.54, N. Angus 43.47.
  • Legends Male: K. Walker 33,48, D. Elward 35.19.
  • Legends Female: P. Galvin 42.20. , J. Austin 47.33.
  • Supervets Male: J. Walker 41.00, M. Orelli 49.46.
  • Supervets Female:  D. Elson 54.45, M. Blood 67.22.
  • Magic Money: C. Moss 37.37.


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