Point Lonsdale Health and Wellness 10000m – Rip View Classic

Another milestone to Dave Elward achieving 600 runs. Pictured with wife Penny
Point Lonsdale Health and Wellness 10000m Rip View Classic winner David Whelan

Eighty-two athletes gathered for the inaugural running of the Point Lonsdale Health and Wellness 10 km Rip View Classic in favourable weather conditions. It was a challenging and interesting course with sections of grass, gravel, soft and hard sand, concrete and bitumen. It was David Whelan who showed a marked return to form, handling the terrain best to win by a large margin from Sharon Pedersen with Paul Carroll close behind in third place. This was Whelan’s second club win, having last saluted in 2012. New runner, Catherine Allison, was a clear winner in the battle for fastest female whilst only a fraction of a second separated Dave Card and Daryl Burns with the latter getting the nod in the male division. Top legends runner, Dave Elward, was acclaimed for reaching his 600 run milestone after 36 seasons with the club.

Top 10 Placings

D. Whelan, 50:19; S. Pedersen, 43:31; P. Carroll, 43:17; L. Haines, 38:10; P. Shay, 42:38; G. Clark, 49:56; D. Elson, 61:57; A. Ryan, 38:36; R. Thompson, 42:01; S. Ryan, 44:53.

Fastest Times

  • Under 40 Male: D. Burns 37.57, D. Card 37.57.
  • Under 40  Female: C. Allison 41.02, R. Thompson 42.01.
  • Veteran Male: L. Haines 38.10, N. Simpson 41.42.
  • Veteran Female: L. McGrath 43.27, S. Pedersen 43.31.
  • Masters Male: P. Shay 42.38, P. Carroll 43.17.
  • Masters Female: S. Howell 51.08, N. Angus 53.53.
  • Legends Male: M. Geall 47.45, G. Clark 49.56.
  • Legends Female: J. Austin 56.42. J. Morton 60.39.
  • Supervets Male: J. Walker 51.09, F. Engelsman 56.59
  • Supervets Female: D. Elson 61.57, M. Blood 79.28. 
  • Magic Money: S. Pedersen 43.31.


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