Virtual Race 1 Results

Steigen “Not the Belmont Park” 5 km Virtual RaceĀ 

A total of 107 runners made the effort to run 5 km to participate in the club’s first virtual race with times to be submitted by midnight Sunday. This included thirty runners new to the club. A handicap system which allowed for the terrain covered and the weather conditions was applied with Kurt Jungling who won a race last season being successful. New member, Hayley Newman, and former club champion, Grant Simpson were the fastest runners of their genders.

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Top 10 Placings

K. Jungling 19.30, T. McRae 19.13, C. Crawford 24.13, L. Considine 19.12, L. Ryan 20.59, J. Donovan 17.10, N. Muscroft 18.38, D. Whelan 23.43, S. Thomson 20.51, C. Allison 18.58.

Fastest Times

Female: H. Newman 17.48 Male: G. Simpson 16.12

Spot prize: M. Geall

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