Virtual Race 3 Results

Corrective Chiropractic Bellarine 8 km Virtual Handicap Race

A total of 110 runners including five first timers took part in the virtual running of the Corrective Chiropractic Bellarine 8 km handicap.  It was Michael Orelli who won the virtual handicap when the handicaps were applied. Orelli was spurred on by his daughter who rode alongside him urging to sustain his pace. Jeanette Austin and Steve Welsh, who are both recovering from long term injuries, filled the placings. Depending upon what day competitors did their run, conditions varied greatly with Friday and Saturday extremely windy. Once again, Hayley Newman and Grant Simpson were the fastest of their genders.

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Top 10 handicap placings

M. Orelli 46.27, J. Austin 40.48, S. Welsh 39.28, P. McDonough 37.12, G. Baensch 43.25, D. Whelan 38.18, C. Allison 30.16, L. Ryan 31.43, M. Henshaw 45.54, S. THompson 33.58

Fastest Times

 Female: H. Newman 28.38  Male: G. Simpson 27.46

Spot Prizes

Steigen Socks: S. Peters

Corrective Chiropractics Bellarine Vouchers: Z. Krstevski and J. Davis

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