Virtual Race 9 Results

Pro Feet Podiatry ‘Not-the-Balyang’ Sealed 8 km Virtual Race Results

Five first timers were among the 93 runners who participated in the virtual running of the Pro Feet Podiatry 8 km sealed handicap. A number of runners chose to run the actual course with the wind increasing as the week went on. The field was divided into four sections. The Backmarkers division was won by Michael Morton, the Middlemarkers by Carol Crawford with Jeanette Austin taking out the Frontmarkers. The Newcomers section saw Linda Gasparini triumph. Crawford has now set up a buffer in the quest for the overall consistency award. First timer, Marcus Overman was the fastest male whilst Hayley Newman continued her dominance of the female ranks.

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Top 10 handicap placings (and actual times)

C. Crawford 38.31, L. Gasparini 42.46, M. Morton 31.29, J. Austin 40.01, L. Considine 30.58, K. Hayes 37.58, E. Bumbers 39.55, G. Baensch 44.13, S. Andrews 35.58, T. McRae 32.13.

Fastest Times

Female: H. Newman 29.44   Male: M. Overman 27.55

Spot Prize

Steigen Socks: P. Posterino

Sealed Series Results so far

Each year, four of the GCCC races make up the sealed series (5 km, 8 km, 10 km and 15 km). In non-virtual races, we all start at the same time and the hidden handicaps are applied after the race.  Points are allocated in each division (0.5 for the winner, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd…), and the runners with least points over their best 3 races win their division of the series. This week was the second of the four sealed series races.

For sealed series results so far, click here.

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