Virtual Race 14 Results

Pro Feet Podiatry ‘Not-the-Belmont Park’ Sealed 10 km Virtual Race

A field of 74 runners participated in the virtual running of the Pro Feet Podiatry 10 km sealed handicap. This replaced the usual Belmont Park event. Those who left their run to the last minute had to suffer some difficult strong winds. In addition to the usual placings, age-graded results were calculated. Julie Elkin continued her good form to take out the Frontmarkers division from Kim Taylor and Jeanette Austin who won the age-graded event with an outstanding score of 87.91%. The Middlemarkers was won by Wayne McCorkell, who has been plagued by injury in recent years, from Barney Ellis and Linda Solly. Ken Walker, who was second on the age-graded scores, continued his strong running in beating Alister Ward and Dan Wright in the Backmarkers. The Newcomers division was taken out by Katie Hayes ahead of Linda Gasparini and returning runner Kim Wright. Hayley Newman and Dan Wright were again the fastest of their genders. 

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And click here for age-graded results. (See below for info about age grading.)

Sealed handicap results (and actual times)

Frontmarkers: J. Elkin 62.30

Middlemarkers: W. McCorkell 45.49

Backmarkers: K. Walker 39.39

Newcomers: K. Hayes 46.34

Fastest times

Female: H. Newman 37.28

Male: D. Wright 36.06

Age-graded placings

J. Austin 87.91%

K. Walker 86.33%

H. Newman 81.61%.

Spot prize

Steigen Socks: A. Ward

Some info about age grading

At this race each year, we normally have the Rory Wilson Age Graded Award where we rate all results against the international age graded process.  The age graded result is the approximate world record time for your age and gender divided by your actual time.  The % grades are rated as follows:

>100% = world record level

>90% = world class

>80% = national class

>70% = regional class

>0% = an athlete

We have rated the runs against your actual times, in other words, we have removed the difficulty ratings, so runners that ran a flat course will have a better relative percentage compared to the hill runners.  There are some remarkable results with Jeanette Austin, Ken Walker and Hayley Newman rating as National class, and Dan Wright leading a group of eleven runners rating as Regional Class.

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