Virtual results

Here are results for the free virtual event in September 2020 for everyone who had registered for the 2020 Geelong Half Marathon and 7 km Run. Click here for all results: 21.1 km; 7 km

As a special feature, results include age gradings. These show your speed relative to world-best for the distance for your age and gender. Age gradings are rated as follows: >100% = world record level; >90% = world class; >80% = national class; >70% = regional class; >0% = an athlete. And there were some truly outstanding performances (see below). For example, Peter Rushen ran at 85% of the world-best speed for males of his age. Well done to you all.

NameGenderAge categoryTime hh:mm:ssPace (mm:ss/km)Age-graded relative speed
Peter RushenM60 years & over1:23:0903:5685.37%
Jeanette AustinF60 years & over1:53:0505:2282.95%
Hayley NewmanF20 – 39 years1:25:2104:0377.44%
Declan HargreavesM20 – 39 years1:18:2503:4373.99%
Craig BramleyM50 – 59 years1:29:2904:1473.79%
Angela NussF50 – 59 years1:54:3805:2671.53%

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