Virtual Race 16 Results

The Injury Clinic ‘Not-the-Fyansford’ 8 km Virtual Race

A total of 71 runners participated in the virtual running of the Injury Clinic 8km sealed handicap.  This virtual race replaced the tough Fyansford event and a quarter of the contestants tackled the actual course throughout the week. Victory went to front marker Fiona Fitzpatrick who was placed last week and is still searching for her first actual club win. Jeanette Austin, who is surging up the consistency award standings, was second with last week’s winner, Linda Gasparini continuing her fine form to take third place. Fastest times were again taken out by Hayley Newman and Dan Wright.

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Top 10 handicap placings (and actual times)

F. Fitzpatrick 54.08, J. Austin 40.59, L. Gasparini 41.42, M. Humphrey 35.29, C. Allison 30.16, K. Walker 32.32, S. Ryan 35.54, D. Wright 29.10, T. McRae 33.14,  G. Fitzpatrick 41.43.

Fastest times

Female: H. Newman 29.46

Male: D. Wright 29.10

Spot prize

Steigen Socks: K. McFadden

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