Virtual Race 17 Results

The Happy Runner ‘Not-the-Torquay’ 10 km Virtual Race

A slightly smaller field of seventy runners participated in the virtual running of the Happy Runner 10 km sealed handicap, perhaps deterred by the wet weather late in the week. This event replaced the Torquay course, with long stretches on the sand, held in the hometown of the sponsors. The reintroduction of Stage 3 travel restrictions meant far fewer runners ran the actual course. It was club uniform co-ordinator, Jeanette Austin, who was a convincing winner from Damian Woodberry who narrowly took second place from Mark Humphrey. Austin has made a remarkable comeback from debilitating leg injuries as evidenced by her recent age graded victory and is now second in the consistency standings. Fastest times were again recorded by Hayley Newman and Dan Wright.

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Top 10 handicap placings (and actual times)

J. Austin 50.28, D. Woodberry 50.07, M. Humphrey 44.02, L. Harrison 52.00, J. Forster 44.18, P. Kemp 47.55, L. Gasparini 54.10, S. Andrews 45.18, A. Ward 40.10, S. Ryan 45.14.

Fastest times

Female: H. Newman 37.10

Male: D. Wright 38.43

Spot prize

Steigen Socks: A. Jenkins

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