Virtual Race 23 (week 1) Results

Newgrove Benchtops ‘Not-the-Eliminator’ 4/3/2 km Virtual Race

This was the first week of the virtual Newgrove Benchtops Eliminator. The entrants had to submit both a 4 km and a 3 km race time and handicapper Jeanette had the task of calculating the twenty best results to run in the final to be held in the coming week. With the shorter distances than usual, the pace was frenetic. When the times for the two distances were added together, it was former handicapper, Russell Dmytrenko, who had the best adjusted time with newcomers Charlie Harrison and Sarah Andrews filling the placings. Hayley Newman was the fastest female over both distances with Dan Wright the fastest male at 3 km and Liam Hanrahan the fastest over 4 km.

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The field of 20 for the virtual 2 km final this week is:

R. Dmytrenko, C. Harrison, S. Andrews, D. Hurst, P. Kemp. S. Ryan, A. Nguyen, A. Jenkins, S. Thompson, T. de Koning-Ward, G. Baensch, J. Walker, A. Morton, P. Austin, B. Ellis, J. Kavanagh, J. Forster, T. McRae, L. Hanrahan, M. Morton.

Fastest Times

3 km

Female: H. Newman 10.44

Male: D. Wright 10.43.

4 km

Female: H. Newman 14.17

Male: L. Hanrahan 14.07

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