2022 season awards

The 51st season of the club founded by Geelong Advertiser journalists in 1971 was very successful, ending with the presentation of numerous awards at Capri Receptions on Friday 30th September.


  • Open Champions
    • Female: K. Bramley and S. Andrews tied;
    • Male: P.Hagan.
    • Marathon Champion: D. Wright.
  • Age Champions:
    • Under 40: P. Hagan and K. Bahari;
    • Veterans: K.Wright and L. Brennan tied, E. Kelly;
    • Masters: S. Andrews and A. Ward;
    • Legends: P. Galvin and K. Walker;
    • SuperVets: D. Elward.
  • Rory Wilson Age Graded 10 km: D. Elward.
  • Best Clubpersons: J. MacCarthy and F. Engelsman.
  • Merit Awards: J. Morton, R.Dorris and D. Wright.
  • Sealed Series:
    • Frontmarkers: F. Engelsman;
    • Middlemarkers: M. Crawford;
    • Backmarkers: M. Morton;
    • New and Returning Runners: K. Bahari.
  • Most Improved: S. Curtain;
  • Most Impressive: K. Walker;
  • Best First Year Runner: K. Bahari.
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