Foundation Runners

The following are runners who registered with Geelong Professional Cross Country Club, founded in 1971. The club held two pack runs, on June 6 over 4.3 miles at Mt Duneed, won by David OÕBrien, and on June 13 over two miles at Dog Rocks, won by John Barmby, before conducting its first handicap race on June 20 over 3.8 miles at Moorabool, starting near the old Moorabool railway station.

Those who took part in that historic first race, in finishing order, were Colin Silcock, Gordon Rylance, Max Stevens, Norm Rau, Ray Milley, John Scott, Sam Sallein, Len Broom, Malcolm Paull, Graeme Vincent, John Craven, Ian Leeder, Ken Miles, David Collis, Brian Clissold, Frank Adams, Dale Jennings, Bob Clinton, Chris Rhodes, Stuart Field, David Turner, Greg Stafford, Chris Bransgrove and Ian Tuddenham.

Other races in 1971:

June 27, Ceres, 3.4 miles: 26 starters, winner Dale Jennings

July 4, Pt Addis, 5 miles: 24 starters, winner David OÕBrien

July 11, Fyansford, 4 miles: 25 starters, winner Jim Pettigrove

July 18, Geelong Grammar School, 25 starters, winner Reg Marriner

July 25, Moorabool, 5.7 miles, 26 starters, winner Chris Rhodes

August 1, Lethbridge, 5.5 miles, 25 starters, winner John Scott

August 8, Eastern Park, 3 miles (sealed hcp), 27 starters, Chris Rhodes 1, hcp winner John Nelson

August 15, Queens Park, 3 miles, 33 starters, winner Malcolm Paull

August 22, Waurn Ponds, 4.9 miles, 24 starters, winner John Nelson

August 29, Waurn Ponds, 8.5 miles, 23 starters, winner Brian Craven

September 5, You Yangs, 5 miles (sealed hcp) , 26 starters, Ian Leeder 1, hcp winner Denis Craven

September 12, Barwon River, 3.6 miles, 28 starters, winner Dale Jennings

September 19, Gully Rd Ceres, 4.6 miles, 35 starters, winner John Craven

September 26, Moorabool, 6.5 miles, 30 starters, winner Chris Bransgrove

October 3, Steiglitz, 4 miles, 29 starters, winner Gerard OÕKane

October 10, Leopold, 8 miles, 26 starters, winner John Nelson

October 17, King of the Mountains, Ceres, 6.8 miles, 25 starters, winner John Craven

October 24, Grovedale, 4 miles, 32 starters, winner Burt Webster

October 31, Anglesea Classic, 11 miles, 58 starters, winner Graeme Vincent

Those who registered and competed with the club during 1971 are:

Abson, Mick, 28, Bell Park

Adams, Frank, 23, Belmont

Barmby, John, 42, East Keilor

Bird, Keith, East Geelong

Bourke, Terry, 26, Herne Hill

Bransgrove, Chris, 24, Geelong West

Broom, Len, 35, Lethbridge

Brunton, David, 36, Geelong West

Cameron, Kevin, 29, Leopold

Church, Peter, 49, Newtown

Clinton, Bob, 27, Waurn Ponds

Clissold, Brian, 28, Highton

Collis, David, 19, North Geelong

Craven, Brian, 23, Manifold Heights

Craven, Denis, 18, Manifold Heights

Craven, John, 24, Geelong West

Dickson, John, 29, Herne Hill

Dillon, Barry, 17, Clayton

Duffin, Ray, 23, Highton

Faulkner, Arthur, 48, Belmont

Field, Stuart, 32, North Geelong

Fitzgerald, Lindsay, 22, Highton

Gawne, Ken

Jackman, Bill, 29, Belmont

Jackson, Bob, 24, Belmont

Jennings, Dale, 33, North Shore

Keddie, Rob, 28, Belmont

Kelly, T

Leeder, Ian, 28, Leopold

List, Paul, 24, Newtown

Male, Neil, 23, Geelong West

Marriner, Reg, 38, Newcomb

Miles, Ken, 40, Belmont

Milley, Peter, 15, Highton

Milley, Ray, 42, Highton

Morris, Laury, 30, Norlane

Nelson, John, 31, Highton

OÕBrien, David, 30, Geelong

OÕKane, Gerard, 28, Bell Park

Paull, Malcolm, 26, Belmont

Perrett, Ian

Pettigrove, Jim, 44, Highton

Rasmus, Don, 32, North Geelong

Rau, Norm, 32, Herne Hill

Rhodes, Chris, 20, Belmont

Ryan, Bernard, 25, Geelong West

Ryan, Bill

Rylance, Gordon, 37, Corio

Sallein, Sam, 42, North Geelong

Scott, John, 38, North Geelong

Shrimpton, Keith, 41, Highton

Silcock, Colin, 38, Herne Hill

Silvers, J

Simpson, Derek, 19, East Geelong

Stafford, Greg, 31, Whittington

Stevens, Max, 38, Highton

Tuddenham, Ian, 25, North Geelong

Turner, David, 25, Geelong

Trezise, Tom

Trzeciak, Tom, 21, Geelong West

Uren, Bill

Vincent, Graeme, 24, Geelong West

Wall, Wallace, 40, Newtown

Webster, Burt, 38, Norlane

Wren, Bill, 35, Geelong West

Also, by invitation, from the Melbourne Professional Cross Country Club: R. Bergmeier, D. Bissett, Stuart Bradley, G. Bramich, K. Brown, George Burrow, R. Cook, Jim Fitzgerald, Fred Grubb, P. Harvey, H. Hetherington, N. Hewitt, M. Hogan, Neil Kane, Bernie Kelly, Trevor Keilar, R. Kemp, Bill Leahy, R. McKenzie, P.J. Miller, K. Noden, Bob Petrie, Jan Poelsma, K. Russell, K. Seers, A. Slonim, L. Thompson

(Compiled by Dale Jennings, August, 2005)