Ark Sports Recovery 8 000 metre Handicap

Despite the dire forecast, no rain fell during the running of the Ark Sports Recovery 8 km handicap at Fyansford on Sunday. A dedicated field of 84 took to the new course which replaced the flood damaged Inverleigh venue.

It was Hamilton Mack who relished the tough course to win by 200 metres from Luke Haines with Alan Jenkins a further 40 metres back in third. Mack had put the writing on the wall the week before when second at Portarlington and this win was his first in his twenty-sixth race.

Alana Plymin was the outright fastest with Luke Considine being the next fastest.

Top 10 Placings

H. Mack 31.20, L. Haines 31.01, A. Jenkins 39.07, E. Baeck 40.35, D. Wright 31.00, R. Wright 41.25, E. Gordon 42.46, S. Thompson 36.32, M. Morton 32.57, K. Walker 34.09.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: J. Peart 32.58.
  • Under 20 Female: T. Costin 39.53, C. Paul 42.44.
  • Under 40 Male: H. Mack 31.20, L. Green 32.01.
  • Under 40 Female: A. Plymin 30.49, K. Bramley 33.13.
  • Veteran Male: L. Considine 30.52, D. Wright 31.00.
  • Veteran Female: D. Giannios 38.20, R. Ryan 42.13.
  • Masters Male: N. Rashid 37.20, C. Hayes 39.42.
  • Masters Female: S. Pedersen 36.51, E. Sims 41.39.
  • Legends Male: K. Walker 34.09, K. McNulty 35.02.
  • Legends Female: S. Howell 37.06, P. Galvin 44.15.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 35.15, V. Gasper 40.39.
  • Supervets Female: C. Stephens 45.12, J. Austin 46.23.
  • Magic Money: E. Baeck 40.35.

Next Sunday’s race is the Canoe Club 5 km sealed handicap starting at 9:00 a.m. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 8:30 a.m.

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ProFeet 8 km handicap

A field of 91 athletes turned out for the running of the ProFeet 8 km handicap at Portarlington on Sunday, once again in ideal racing conditions. It was an out and back course toward Indented Head with only a light cooling breeze. Ray Meesen who was running his 100th club race triumphed by 90 metres from Hamilton Mack with Liam Drady a further 30 metres astern.

Meesen’s previous win was only 9 races ago in August 2022 as he showed the benefits of an injury free period. Newcomer Alana Plyman blitzed her female compatriots in her first club event with Liam Drady who also won the Magic Money, comfortably the fastest male.

ProFeet 8km Handicap winner Ray Meesen

Long time club secretary, Jeff Walker, who joined the club in 1973, was congratulated on reaching his 1000th run milestone as was Ray Meesen for his 100th.

Top 10 Placings

R. Meesen 38.57, H. Mack 31.19, L. Drady 29.52, S. Curtain 31.50, L. Solly 40.27, P. Fuller 36.45, J. Foran 35.15, A. Jenkins 38.39, S. Thompson 35.37, M.Long 39.41.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: J. Peart 32.32.
  • Under 20 Female: T. Costin 39.57, C. Paul 43.45.
  • Under 40 Male: L. Drady 29.52, H. Mack 31.19.
  • Under 40  Female: A. Plymin 30.23, R. Thompson 32.53.
  • Veteran Male: P. Posterino 30.47, D. Wright 31.12.
  • Veteran Female: H. Teesdale 38.53, K. Wright 40.29.
  • Masters Male: Z. Krstevski 34.41, J. Foran 35.15.
  • Masters Female: S. Pedersen 35.28, R. Kimpton 35.57.
  • Legends Male: K. Walker 33.46, K. McNulty 34.32.
  • Legends Female: P. Galvin 43.43, J. Morton 47.57.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 34.24, P. Fuller 36.43.
  • Supervets Female: J. Austin 43.56, F. Barnett 58.06.
  • Magic Money: Liam Drady 29.52.

Next Sunday’s race is the Fyansford 8 km starting at 9:00 a.m. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 8:30 a.m.

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Active Feet 6.5km Barwon Valley Handicap

Another ideal morning for running greeted the field of ninety-seven athletes who turned out for the running of the Active Feet 6.5 km handicap starting at Barwon Valley Park on Sunday. The course went to Queen’s Park and back on the Highton side of the river.

It was Matt Petersen who held on to win by 40 metres from Susan Howell with Peter Fuller 15 metres behind in third place. It was Petersen’s first open handicap win, having previously won a sealed series event in 2015. A ten year member, Petersen’s win came in his 33rd race.

Rachael Thompson and Liam Drady once again were the fastest of their gender.

The club greatly appreciated the DeFib familiarisation session conducted expertly by Jane White.

Thanks to Active Feet for sponsoring the race and for being present on the day!

As always a huge thanks to all volunteers who make the events each week possible

Top 10 Placings

M. Petersen 26.38, S. Howell 27.37, P. Fuller 28.45, A. Ward 25.47, R. Ryan 33.12, R. Meesen 31.06, H. Mack 24.46, E. Baeck 31.41, F. Engelsman 35.33, C. Stephens 34.04.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: J. Peart 25.35.
  • Under 20 Female: T. Costin 30.45, C. Paul 31.18.
  • Under 40 Male: L. Drady 24.05, P. Dwyer 24.18.
  • Under 40 Female: R. Thompson 25.54, C. Anderson 28.23.
  • Veteran Male:P. Posterino 24.17, L. Haines 25.11.
  • Veteran Female: K. Wright 32.25, R. Ryan 33.12.
  • Masters Male: A. Ward 25.47, Z. Krstevski 27.31.
  • Masters Female: S. Pedersen 28.08, S. Andrews 30.14.
  • Legends Male: K. Walker 26.45, K. McNulty 27.42.
  • Legends Female: S. Howell 27.37, P. Galvin 34.18.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 27.18, P. Fuller 28.45.
  • Supervets Female: C. Stephens 34.04, J. Austin 35.16.

Next Sunday’s race is the Portarlington 8 km starting at 9:00 a.m. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 8:40 a.m.

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2023 Geelong Half Marathon report

A field of 677 athletes faced the starter in the 34th Geelong Half Marathon held on Sunday in ideal weather conditions for such a long race, although heavy overnight rain meant there were a few patches of surface water to contend with.

In one of the closest finishes in recent years, Dane Verwey held on to win by 6 seconds from Richard Johnston. The female winner was Danni Rogan who scored the win decisively.

Another 99 runners tackled the shorter 5 km event won by James Cruse and Amy Fawcett respectively.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and supported today!

A huge thanks to our volunteers & sponsors who had a presence on the day & behind the scenes, we love the community surrounding the Geelong Half Marathon to support raising funds for the Andrew Love Cancer Centre.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: F. Larcombe-Brooks 101.17.
  • Under 20 Female: E. Howes 98.47.
  • Under 40 Male: D. Verwey 71.49.
  • Under 40 Female: D. Rogan 82.14.
  • Veteran Male: J. Dalton 75.43.
  • Veteran Female: E. Edd 85.32.
  • Masters Male: G. Simpson 77.50.
  • Masters Female: M. Vincent 92.26.
  • Legends Male: P. Rushton 84.40.
  • Legends Female: S. Neild 103.23.
  • 5km Male: J. Cruse 15.58.
  • 5km Female: A. Fawcett 17.36.
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