Eastside Wholefoods 5k Handicap

Another cool morning saw a field of 62 tackle the running of the Eastside Wholefoods Four Bridges 5 km handicap at Fyansford on Sunday. Conditions were ideal but there weren’t any bridges to cross after a part of the usual course was underwater due to the river flooding.

It was Rachel Ryan who relished the revised course overtaking Coral Bridgland in the last twenty metres with Damian Woodberry running yet another placing 70 metres back in third. It was Ryan’s first club win, having run just over fifty club races since joining in 2014. Invitation runner Alana Park narrowly won the fastest female honours with Luke Haines a winner by 4 seconds in the fastest male division. John Morton was congratulated on reaching his 200 run milestone.

Eastside Wholefoods 5k Handicap winner Rachel Ryan

Top 10 Placings

R. Ryan 25.13, C. Bridgland 31.59, D. Woodberry 22.52, G. Clark 23.48, M. Gniel 22.52, C. Crawford 24.40, A.Jenkins 24.47, M. Morton 18.53, J. Foran 20.44, N. Angus 25.18. 

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: J. Peart 20.24.
  • Under 20 Female: G. Ellis 29.04.
  • Under 40 Male: P. Posterino 17.54, H. Mack 18.41.
  • Under 40  Female: A. Park 21.26, M. Crawford 21.31.
  • Veteran Male: L. Haines 17.50, E. Kelly 18.11.
  • Veteran Female: K. Wright 24.06, L. Solly 24.37.
  • Masters Male: M.Maiden20.04, J. Foran 20.44.
  • Masters Female: S. Andrews 22.06, C. Crawford 24.40.
  • Legends Male: K. Walker 22.03, D. Churkovich 22.38.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 20.33, P. Fuller 23.21.
  • Supervets Female: C. Stephens 25.46, C. Bridgland 31.59.
  • Magic Money: S. Borwick 23.08.

Next Sunday’s race is a 21.1 km handicap race starting at the Barwon Valley Park at 8:00 a.m. There is also a 5 km event. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 7:30 a.m.

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The Injury Clinic 8000 metre Handicap

The warmest morning for many months made for pleasant racing for the field of 52 who travelled to Anglesea for the running of the Injury Clinic 8 km handicap on Sunday.

It was Michael Orelli, a superveteran of 460 club races who defied the efforts of the following pack to win by 180 metres from perennial placegetter Damian Woodberry with Jeff Walker a further 120 metres astern. It was Orelli’s sixth handicap win and he attributed his improved performance to the warmer conditions, having a distinct dislike for the cold of winter.

Susan Andrews and Paul Posterino were the fastest of their gender. Thanks to the course directors and marshals whose expertise made the race such a success.

The Injury Clinic 8000 metre Handicap winner Michael Orelli

Top 10 Placings

M. Orelli 49.59, D. Woodberry 39.20, J. Walker 43.35, N. Angus 42.50, G. Clark 40.28, J. Foran 35.47, L. Haines 30.46, M. Gniel 39.41, S. Curtain 32.38, L. Ryan 35.12.

Fastest Times

  • Under 40 Male: P. Posterino 29.54, H. Fleet 31.18.
  • Under 40  Female: J. Bish 41.00,  K. Bahari 41.01.
  • Veteran Male: E. Kelly 30.23, L. Haines 30.46.
  • Veteran Female: K. Wright 41.44, L. Solly 42.16.
  • Masters Male: J. Foraan 35.47, Z. Krstevski 35.58.
  • Masters Female: S. Andrews 37.56, N. Angus 42.50.
  • Legends Male: D. Churkovich 38.04, J. Morton 40.14.
  • Legends Female: J. Austin 45.06.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 34.45, G. Clark 40.28.
  • Supervets Female: C. Stephens 43.39, F. Barnett 56.50.
  • Magic Money: K. Bahari 41.01

Next Sunday’s race is a 5 km handicap race starting at the Fyansford Hotel at 9:00 a.m. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 8:30 a.m.

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Carol and Terry Crawford Funerals 8000 metre Handicap

A field of 72 lined up in pleasant conditions for the running of the  Carol and Terry Crawford Funerals Memorial 8 km handicap at Waurn Ponds on Sunday. President Kevin McNulty provided a fitting tribute to members who have passed away.

It was the sponsors’ daughter, Madeline Crawford, who flashed home to win by 30 metres from Alan Jenkins with Marcus Gniel showing a return to form only 15 metres further back in third place. It was Crawford’s third sash for the season, having already won two heats of the sealed series.

Kate Bramley and Pat Hagan were again fastest of their gender. Fred Barnett was congratulated on reaching her 300 run milestone.

Carol and Terry Crawford Funerals 8000 metre Handicap winner Madeline Crawford

Top 10 Placings

M. Crawford  35.51, A. Jenkins 41.18, M. Gniel 38.31, G. Clark 39.34, K. Bramley 30.19, C. Crawford 41.41, J. Walker 43.04, N.Angus 42.23, S. Vander Bruggen 30.40, M.Orelli 50.57.

Fastest Times

  • Under 20 Male: J.Peart 34.55.
  • Under 40 Male: P. Hagan 27.58, E. James 29.07.
  • Under 40  Female: K. Bramley 30.19, M. Crawford 35.51.
  • Veteran Male: T. Van 28.56, E. Kelly 30.09.
  • Veteran Female: J. White 33.40, L. Brennan 36.07. 
  • Masters Male: A. Ward 34.09, J. Foran 34.43.
  • Masters Female: S. Andrews 40.04, C. Crawford 41.41.
  • Legends Male: K. McNulty 34.12, K. Walker, 36.23.
  • Legends Female: P. Galvin 41.42, J. Austin 43.30
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 33.36, P. Fuller 36.57.
  • Supervets Female: C. Stephens 42.52, F. Barnett 55.47.
  • Magic Money: P. Balgobin  54.00.

 Next Sunday’s race is an 8 km handicap race starting at Anglesea Surf Club at 9:00 a.m. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 8:30 a.m.

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The Running Company 15 000 metre Sealed Handicap

The 57 competitors in the Running Company 15km sealed handicap had to contend with a chilly fluctuating wind but at least the predicted showers stayed away. A bunch of five stayed together for the first two 5km laps until Edward James broke away to win by 70 metres from Stephane Vander Bruggen with Dan Wright 50 metres away third. Kate Bramley was comfortably the first female home.

When handicappers Dan and Jo applied the hidden handicaps, James won the Newcomers and Vander Bruggen the Backmarkers. Madeline Crawford won her second 2022 Middlemarkers sealed handicap while long time club secretary, Jeff Walker won the Frontmakers, his first win since 2014.

Eighteen athletes contested the 5 km consolation event with Fred Barnett winning the sealed handicap.


Frontmarkers: J.Walker 81.49, Middlemarkers: M. Crawford 69.26, Backmarkers: S. Vander Bruggen 56.32, New and Returning Runners: E. James 56.15.

Fastest Times

  • Under 40 Male: E. James 56.15, P.Posterino 57.07.
  • Under 40 Female: K. Bramley 57.42, S. Bertino 59.25.
  • Veteran Male: S. Vander Bruggen 56.32, D. Wright 56.44.
  • Veteran Female: L. Brennan 70.12, J. Jackman 77.40.
  • Masters Male: A. Ward 64.11, S. Pretty 71.27.
  • Masters Female: N. Angus 81.19, T. De Koning-Ward 82.06.
  • Legends Male : K. Henderson 63.54, K.McNulty 65.39.
  • Legends Female: P. Galvin 78.03, J. Austin 84.00.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 62.05, P. Fuller 72.20.
  • Consolation 5 km: F. Barnett 33.21.

Next Sunday’s race is the 8 km handicap at the Saints Baseball Field, Waurn Ponds at 9:00 a.m. New members and invitation runners most welcome. Registrations close at 8:30 a.m.

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