The Committee shall have the power to make and enforce any by-laws which it deems necessary for the correct running of the Club.

1. All members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in accordance with the Club’s Code of Conduct.

2. Directions of Club officials and course marshals shall be obeyed at all times.

3. Runners should not compete if they are feeling unwell on the day.

4. Runners should at all times be aware of traffic and give way to vehicles.

5. When a race is held on a public road, runners must at all times run on the verge of the road. Runners must not run more than two abreast and must not impede traffic.

6. Runners are required to pay their race entry fee at the van at least 20 minutes prior to the advertised start time of the race except in the case of split races when entries close 20 minutes prior to the first race on that day.

7. A runner cannot compete unless the race entry fee is paid prior to commencing the race.

8. When the official starter calls a competitor (or his or her time) he/she must line up immediately. If a runner misses his or her specified handicap time he/she must then drop back and wait for the next start time. Failure to comply with this By-law could result in disqualification.

9. Any runner wishing to question their handicap may do so in writing to the Handicapper(s) or may speak to the handicapper(s).

10. A runner shall not receive assistance during a race other than that specified by the Club. Failure to comply with this By-Law may lead to disqualification.

11. A runner who has a 5% variation in kilometre rating when compared with his/her handicap and/or the performance of the majority of the field may be disqualified at the discretion of the handicappers and the protest co-ordinators. Consideration will be also be given to the type of course.

12. A new runner to the Club shall be placed on a discretionary handicap until such time as the runner has completed 6 handicap runs, excluding the team’s race.

13. Former members of the Club who rejoin after an absence of more than one year will be placed on a discretionary handicap for up to 6 runs.

14. Except for Fastest Time, teams race and the Sealed Series a runner on a discretionary handicap is not eligible to win prizemoney until he/she has completed more than 6 handicap runs, but can earn championship points. However, a runner requesting a discretionary mark is not eligible for championship points.

15. Runners are required to wear their race number on their back and front and their timing chip around an ankle. Runners failing to wear their numbers and timing chip will not be eligible to receive prize money or championship points.

16. Runners are expected to attend a pre-race briefing five minutes before race start.

17. A minimum number of 7 runs is required before a runner is eligible for Championship pool prize money.

18. Any runner wishing to raise a complaint about a race result shall on the day, advise the Protest Coordinator within 10 minutes of the last runner completing the course.

19. Dogs are not permitted at the following race venues: Deakin University and Geelong Grammar. At all other race venues, dogs are required to be on a leash at all times.

20. Runners, participating in club races, are not permitted to push strollers or be accompanied by dogs.

Please Note: If you forget your timing band on race day, you must obtain a replacement by 8:40 a.m otherwise you will only be able to run with no time recorded and no championship points, but you will be credited with a run.