Our season starts in April and finishes In September and we have an event every Sunday morning, usually from 9am. See more details about our events here.

Around half our events are in Geelong in different sections of the beautiful Barwon River. We also have runs around the district and Bellarine Peninsula, from Anglesea to Point Lonsdale and the You Yangs. See more details about our events.

There are two options, you can:

  • become a member (paying an annual membership fee, a plus reduced weekly event fee).
    • You’ll become eligible for placings and prize money after running six races as a member in the past 18 months.
      You can become a club member at any time, you don’t need to have run with us before.
  • run as an Invitational Runner (paying just a weekly event fee; up to 6 runs per season).
    • This is a great way to participate on a more casual basis if you’re not sure if you’d like to be a member.

An Invitational Runner is a runner who’s not a member of the club for the current season, but would like to participate for up to six runs per season. You don’t need to be formally invited to run as an Invitational Runner, more details here.

We are a friendly and inclusive club and we welcome runners of all abilities. We have runners from 16 to 90 years old and from 3 minutes per km to 8 minutes per km.

Our runs range from 5km to 21.1km. For all runs over 10km, there’s also a 5km event available. See more details about our events.

Most of our runs are handicapped, which means we grade each runner on their recent ability. The first runners start around 9am, and faster runners after that, and the aim is everyone finishes within a few minutes of each other! Other runs are scratch starts with everyone starting together. More details about our types of races here.

The first runners start a handicapped race at or around 9am, and the fastest runners usually start between 9:20am and 9:50am depending on the length of the event. Your handicapped time will be displayed on the race van at the event by 8:45am.

Scratch races start at 9am.

We ask about your recent race times, and adjust your handicap if required after each run. We aim for new runners to finish mid field, but the more runs you do the more accurate your handicap will be. See more details about handicapping here.

Our event fees are very affordable to help maximise participation. See fees for Invitational Runners and Members.

Invitational runners can pay event fees by card in person at the event each Sunday before 8:30am.

Members can pay event fees online here securely via Square, or in person at the event.

Yes, members who have run six runs or more are eligible to win prizemoney. See prize money details here.

All runners can also win great spot prizes from our amazing sponsors!

If you’re not a member for the current season (running as an invitational runner), and haven’t filled in a registration form yet, please bring the form along by 8:30am.

We’ll set you up with a timing chip, race number etc when you arrive.

Wear your running gear and shoes as per any event. There’s a bag where you can store your warm clothes while you run, or leave them in your car. Bring a drink bottle – there’s water available at the event.

We invite you to stay after the run to chat with other friendly runners about how you went! We then have presentations of spot prizes from our sponsors, the top ten member runners and fastest times and any other club announcements.