• Running shoes and clothing
  • Change of clothing and shoes (including warm clothes and rain jacket)
  • A bag to put your clothing in, clearly marked with your event number if you intend to use the bag storage area (use the tear-off strip from your event bib)
  • Event bib (will be supplied with safety pins)
  • Money for post-event refreshments and snacks

The average daily temperatures for Geelong during April are: min. 10°C, max. 20°C. However, our weather is quite variable in April, and both cold and hot weather are possible.

Make sure you check out the Geelong forecast close to the event, dress appropriately, be sun smart and, should the weather be unseasonably hot, remember to hydrate!

Free parking will be available a short walk from the start/finish area. Enter at 162 Barrabool Road, under the James Harrison Bridge.

Comfortable running gear appropriate for the weather, and shoes suited for running on asphalt paths are highly recommended. We suggest that you wear clothing and shoes that you’ve trained in, so you are confident that they won’t cause any problems.

We can’t endorse this for safety reasons, as headphones would make it more difficult for you to hear marshals and other runners.

No. For safety reasons, animals aren’t permitted as part of either event.

No. For safety reasons, bikes, skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted on the course during either event.

No. For the safety of all runners, this is not permitted in either event.

It is essential to train before such an event to ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for the challenge of a half marathon. It is your personal responsibility to ensure you have completed adequate training. If you have any concerns about the adequacy of your preparation or your capacity to complete this event, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before participating. If you are unwell prior to the event, you should not participate.

If you are unwell during the event, you should immediately withdraw and promptly notify an official that you require medical attention.

A big thanks to Triathlon Adventures Geelong for providing this half marathon training program.

The courses are almost entirely on paths near and along the Barwon River, and there will be no need to close any main roads.

For the Geelong Half Marathon, approximate kilometre marks will be on the path.

For the Geelong Half Marathon, we will have pacers to help you get that target time! We hope to have pacers to finish in 90 minutes, 105 minutes and 120 minutes. We will update this when we have confirmed the pacing categories.

We use an electronic timing system for all participants for both the Geelong Half Marathon and the 5 km Run. Your time will commence when you cross the start mat. Results will be available on the Tomato Timing website during and after the event.

Please keep our Barwon River beautiful. Tuck used gel packs into your shorts and deposit these in the bins provided at each drink station.

Please also drop water cups near these bins.

Water, fruit and lollies will be available for all runners. A coffee van will also be on site, selling great coffee.

Presentations will take place from approximately 10am. If you can’t stay, don’t worry as we will also notify all winners by email. Results will indicate section placings for all runners. Results will indicate section placings for all runners. Results will be available on the Tomato Timing website during and after the event.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.