Active Feet 10k Sealed Handicap

The ninety-three competitors in the Active Feet 10 km sealed handicap at Barwon Valley Park were treated to ideal conditions for the course which principally used the Troop Loop. The pace was hectic and race sponsor, Harry Cashin, won by 30 metres with Liam Drady able to hold off Luke Considine by 15 metres for second. Alana Plymin was the fastest of the females by over two minutes.

When handicappers Dan, Jo and Michael applied the hidden handicaps, Colleen Stephens, a veteran of 482 runs, was the winner of the Frontmarkers, her first win since 2014. Michael Minney on the recovery trail after injury took out the Backmarkers whilst Alan Jenkins snared his second win of the season in the Middemarkers. The New runners division was won by Meagan Farley in her seventh race. Alan Jenkins was congratulated on his 200 run milestone as was Kim Wright for her 100 runs.

Active Feet 10k Sealed Handicap winners Colleen Stephens, Meagan Farley, Michael Minney and Alan Jenkins and with representative from race sponsor Active Feet


Frontmarkers: C. Stephens 51.24, Middlemarkers: A. Jenkins 46.49, Backmarkers: M. Minney 38.24, New and Returning Runners: M. Farley 54.37.

Fastest Times

  • Under 40 Male: H. Cashin 36.04, L. Drady 36.11.
  • Under 40 Female: A. Plymin 37.39, R. Thompson 39.52.
  • Veteran Male: L. Considine 36.15, P. Posterino 37.32.
  • Veteran Female: J. White 43.16, D. Giannios 47.02.
  • Masters Male: Z. Krstevski 43.28, A. Martin 43.51.
  • Masters Female: S. Petersen 45.13, R. Kimpton 45.41.
  • Legends Male: Z.Coric 41.09, K. Henderson 41.34.
  • Legends Female: S. Howell 44.34, C. Crawford 50.28.
  • Supervets Male: D. Elward 42.31, V, Gasper 48.48.
  • Supervets Female: C. Stephens 51.24.

Next Sunday’s race is a 12.6 km race at Wurdibuloc at 9:00 a.m. New members most welcome. Registrations close at 8:30 a.m.

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